IMG_9521_me I live in southern Arizona. I take photos for fun. I enjoy revisiting the images. Taking photos allows me the time to see what the world has to show me and the ability to enlarge it.:) Most of the photos on this blog are from areas near my home.
  I enjoy nature, plants, flowers and wildlife. Sometimes I will post a recipe or a craft project. But most of my posts will be just photos I take.
My cameras are a canon sd990 digital elph,  a canon digital rebel xti and a Rebel T3i. An occasional photo posted may be a scan from and old photo taken with film.
  I am using wordpress’s free ChaoticSoul theme design by Bryan Veloso for page layout.
  Nature never runs out of beauty.

6 Responses to “About”

  1. Margaret Hi I was wonder if your the same person that was on Blogster and did the recipes and what is it by taking a picture and we had to guess what it was. I went by the name Doubledwife. on Facebook I have know a few from the site I was just talking with Kathi Harris about bats and your name came up.

  2. Dear Meg, your pictures are superb! Is there a way to contact you (email?)

  3. beautiful. i’ve only seen one in my life. and that was in captivity.

    love your photos!

  4. I’ts looking good M. I like the flowers you have in your “window”
    I’m assuming you have this blog linked to your other’s. We need to come up with a more… colorful name for your blog like say…. Southwestern Photography. Sounds professional. ;)

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