Night Blooming Cereus

My sister gave me a cutting of a night blooming cereus cactus back in 2010, It bloomed that summer but we had a very hard freeze in February of 2011 that I thought killed the cactus. I guess a bit of the roots were still alive and eventually the cactus started growing again.

The cereus began snaking its way through the palo verde tree it was planted under and is now one long, seven foot tall cactus with no branches. It has not bloomed since. Recently I noticed a bud form, so here we are in October of 2014 and about five foot up the cactus is this beautiful bloom.

The bloom is much larger than you would think. It is about five to six inches across. Looking at it I wonder how such a skinny cactus can have such a huge bloom.

Breathtaking…. the bloom only lasts one night. But it is worth going out late at night to see. Nature is amazing.

~ by Meg on October 18, 2014.

One Response to “Night Blooming Cereus”

  1. What a nice surprise! They are such mysterious cacti …

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