Bat Night 2014

Each year by Mid-August I have Lesser long-nosed nectar bats visit my hummingbird feeders, by morning most of the feeders are drained. These bats migrate from Mexico into Southern Arizona each spring/summer to follow their food source of night blooming plants including the saguaro cactus and agave plants. In the late summer/fall they migrate back to Mexico.

Since 2009 I have volunteered for the hummingbird feeder monitoring study to determine the presence of lesser long-nosed bats in the area. I monitor my feeders two or three times per week beginning in June and continuing until the bats leave, measuring the amount of sugar water the bats drink each night. Data collected from this study will be used by scientists to better understand the lesser long-nosed bat, a species listed as endangered under the federal Endangered Species Act.

I have been one of the lucky people that gets to have USFW and AZGFD trap bats in my yard for part of the study. This year we had some young scientists help out.

We caught our first and only bat of the night.

The little guy was pretty tangled up in the net.

Measurements are taken.

The bat is weighed

and our scientists recording the data.

The bat gets a little mark on his head incase he gets trapped in the net again this evening. We will know not to measure him again.

The scientists get a chance to feel the bats wings.

One last close-up and the bat is set free.

We had an excellent bat night. Though we only caught one bat, everyone got to help and see a lesser long-nosed bat close-up. Thanks so much to USFW and all those involved in the study for letting these citizen scientist help.
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~ by Meg on September 20, 2014.

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