Taking a Snake Break

The other morning when Willy the dog an I went for our walk we saw this guy laying in the road. Willy of course was all “let’s go see it” I wasn’t sure if it was alive or smushed. We walked up with caution, I could not see any obvious smushing, but the snake was not moving at all.

We went to find a stick to prod it a little to see if it would move. The first ‘stick’ I found was actually a root and it was still attached to a bush. There is never a stick when you need one. So I broke a little branch off the bush, by this time Willy was so done with the snake he wanted to go off walking. He was easily convinced to stay, due to the face he was on his leash. :) I took the small branch and poked at the tail of the snake, it didn’t move a bit, then a black tongue came out…. OK snake alive.

I did’t want the snake to end up getting smushed so off Willy and I went to find a real stick, this took a little longer than I thought but we finally found a long stick. By the time we returned to the snake it was long gone. I couldn’t see a trace of it anywhere. Guess the snake was waiting for us to leave before it moved on.

I have coaxed snakes out of the road before but never had Willy with me. I wonder if the snake was just warming up or was it thinking Willy was a coyote and it didn’t want to get attacked. Guess I will never know.

~ by Meg on September 5, 2014.

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