Packrat and Dog poo

Something has been eating my butternut squash. So I decided to try to set up the gamecam to see exactly what it is. There is not much room in my little garden so after many tests of either missing everything as the critter was too small to trip the camera or getting a bunch of blown out photos because the camera was too close to the ground I ended up with the following photos.

Not the best photos in the world but they pretty clearly show the culprit is a pack rat.

Packrats can be quite a pain in the neck to have in your yard due to the fact that they like to collect just about everything and make a nest with it. They love using pieces of cholla cactus and other assorted items. Sadly for us, this packrat or one of his friends set up a home under our shed.

Here is the remains of the nest. Lost of chunks of cactus, sticks, string and oddly enough, dog poop. I do wish there was a way to train the packrat to live in the garbage can, that way he could pick up all the dog poop, put it in the can and we could just take it out. :) too bad packrats are not easily trained.


~ by Meg on August 26, 2012.

2 Responses to “Packrat and Dog poo”

  1. I’ve never seen a pack rat nest. Industrious little buggers!

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