Speaking of Spiders

This must be a good year for spiders. I found this one in the kitchen. Not a huge spider but big enough and quite fast. Every time I tried to capture it, it took off running and disappeared only to return again. I am not sure what was so fascinating about the kitchen cabinets but the spider seemed to think they were its home.

Note the legs… only seven. I wonder what happened to its other leg. Spiders seem to love my kitchen. We often find spiders near the stove. It must have something to do with the kitchen light and bugs it attracts. I never did catch the spider but I have not seen it for days now. Maybe it moved on… one can only hope.

I think it is a Giant Crab Spider (Olios giganteus) though it is not that ‘giant’

~ by Meg on August 18, 2012.

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