The History of My Pond

This post is a little history on our pond and how it came to be. Recently we re-homed our goldfish since they were breeding way too quickly and over populating the pond. In the process of re-homing them I starting going through photos of the pond and decided to share them here on my blog.

We started the pond at the end of 2010, this is our progress, our ‘hole’ in November 2010. If I had it to do over, I would adjust the shelves at the sides, where the bog plants go to be somewhat of a dish, so the plants would not have to be in pots but could grow in depressions in the shelf.

Rolling out the liner and slowly filling the pond with water while adjusting the liner. This was a bit of a trick due to the shape of the pond. We had to put in a lot of folds to make the kidney shape, using only one piece of liner. We were pretty much forced into the kidney shape, due to water lines and sprinkler lines that were already in the yard. I do like the kidney shape, but if it were not for the water lines we may have made the pond a bit larger.

Here we are in February, the coldest February on record since the 50s here. I think our low was something like 19 degrees F. Not common for this area, not common at all. Willy our dog had a blast in the bit of snow we had. We also ended up with a few frozen water pipes but fortunately we didn’t have any water pipes going to the pond at this time.

Here we are in March 2011. We finally got our flagstone and pieced it around the pond. It was a lot of work and let me tell you flagstone is not at all light, it is heavy. I also recommend wearing gloves while working with it, unless you want to loose your finger prints for a while. :) Putting down the flagstone was like making a giant puzzle, with no picture to look at to see what the finished piece is going to look like. We ended up adding to and making some adjustments over the next few months.

Here we have set up the pump and a filter but have not built our waterfall yet. At this time we have a ceramic fish on a pile of flagstone holding the hose from the pump into the pond. Also just for fun and to keep us motivated we put our table and chairs near the pond. They end up moving as we add more flagstone to the side of the pond.

A close up of the ceramic fish, which as since moved to my sister’s house to hold the hose to her, water trough pond. She purchased a metal livestock water trough, filled it with water, added a filter and some fish and plants and now has a nice little pond. The sound of running water is contagious.

Above is a photo of us ‘playing’ with the weir. We decided to get a nice soft waterfall feeling the weir works well. A weir is basically a big bucket, that fills with water from below and spills over the front. Having a nice, level, square front works nicely to allow the water to flow onto the flagstone. Also you can see our first fish, they are goldfish. We saved them from craigslist, the needed rehoming. Seems the original owner passes away, a neighbor took them in and had them in a jacuzzi, where 2 of them had already passed on. They were listed ad Koi but they were goldfish, I felt bad for them and we brought them home. Looking back, I think getting them was a bit of a mistake because they found our pond a GREAT breeding place. We ended up with way too many fish for our likings. I did this year find a place to re-home not only these fish but their offspring as well. We have decided to stick with koi, since they don’t reproduce as abundantly and easily as goldfish.

Here is a little tree frog that came with some plants from the garden center. I don’t know what ever happened to him/her. I ended up with two of them that came in plants. For a while they hung out around the pond but where they ended up, I have no idea.

May 2011, this photo shows us working on the waterfall, trying to get the water to flow forward and evenly over the flagstone. It took a bit more time than I had hopped for but I guess it is like anything else, it takes a little work.

Success! There were a lot of adjustments but I think we did a fairly good job. The water flows nicely down the flagstone and makes a wonderful sound.

So here we are with a few plants to soften the area. The tall plants in the water framing each side of the falls, are cattails. We found that they ended up growing way too tall and over powered the waterfall. They have since moved to another pond. One of the great things about having a pond is sharing pond plants with others.

The above photo shows our first koi (the yellow and black fish) in the center of all the goldfish. This was taken July 2011. The koi looks pretty small compared to the goldfish. Little did we know that within less than a year, this koi would outgrow all the goldfish. He/she is a very fast grower.

Above a shot of the whole pond in July of 2011. The cattails still flank the waterfall but they soon outgrow the pond.

Above you can see how much the koi have grown in just a few months.

The photo above from February 2012 shows you just how fast the koi have grown, they are now as large as the goldfish.

April 2012 blue iris blooming.

April 2012 a waterlily. I love these. :)

The above photo is from May of 2012 as you can see the cattails are gone and have been replaced with some plants that hopefully will not over power the size of the waterfall.

And above is a shot of the pond today, June 2012. It is hard to believe it has been just a little over a year since we built the pond. We so enjoy the pond, the plants and the fish.

~ by Meg on June 22, 2012.

4 Responses to “The History of My Pond”

  1. Truly wonderful ! ;-)

  2. Really nice pond. Love all the “in process” pictures. Great job!

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