Hummingbird Felt Ornament

Last year I posted my favorite Christmas craft ornament the felt mouse with a snappy jacket. This year after many hours and prototypes I have come up with a felt hummingbird ornament.
It is not perfect but then again is anything? I think it turned out pretty well and it is pretty easy to make.

The “pin eyes” are a little bit BIG, I am still working on the eyes but you get the idea. Also I have used toothpicks and nails as beaks. I am not really happy with either but it is a work in progress and any ideas are much appreciated.

Ok here are the pieces you will need… only 3. :)

I cut the under belly out of white, the gorget (throat) out of red and the rest out of green felt.

First I sewed together the little slits that help make the birds head point down.

Then I lay the gorget (throat) on top of the the white felt that is sewn to the little birds head. (I know this makes no sense but as you look at the other photos it will all fall into place and make sense… I hope)

The green white under part is sandwiched between the gorget and the green bird’s head. All are stitched together.

Once this is all sewn down one side, just go on sewing the white under belly to the green, lining up the white with an imaginary line that makes the body.

Once you get to the tail (try to make sure you center the point in at the end of the underbelly to the center of the tail) sew up the other side up to the wing. Now is the time to stuff some cotton balls in there. I put one in at this time, sew a little more, maybe up to the top of the wing and add more cotton balls. Keep in mind this bird is little so if you wait until the end to stuff it, you are going to have a hard time getting the stuffing in.

Here I am sewing up the the under belly with cotton already stuffed in along the wing (remember the imaginary line that makes the body). Believe me it is a lot easier to see in real life than in my photos.

See, everything makes perfect sense now. LOL. At this point I stuff in another cotton ball for the head. I try to make sure no cotton goes in the neck area since this will fold down some to make the bird look less like a torpedo with wings and more like a bird.

On this bird I had the “great idea” of using a little nail for the beak. I have also used toothpicks. I think the toothpick makes a better beak. I color it black with a marker before inserting. I have put the beak in last but it is hard to get it past all that cotton so it might be a good idea to insert it now, then sew up this side making sure you push in the cotton as you go.

Here we are all sewed up. Now to get the head to point down a bit. I bend the head down and push the gorget (throat) AKA red felt down on to the belly and sew it down, this holds the head down in a more”‘hummingbird manor”

Then I stich across adjusting the gorget as necessary.

I then do a few stitches across the wings and into the back to keep the wings up. I don’t think you would have to do this if you had thick felt but I used felt squares to cut my pieces from and ‘felt squares’ are not what they used to be. The material seems quite thin compared to felt from years gone past.

So here is is pretty much done. The only thing left to do is to decide where to put your hanging loop. For this take a stitch somewhere on the back of the bird and hold the thread, see if the bird is facing the way you like… if not move your stitch until the bird hangs as you like, make a loop and tie it off. I used pins for eyes but I am sure there is something better to use. You cold also add glitter or sequins on the gorget to make it shimmer.

A hummingbird to go with my felt mouse… not that a hummingbird goes with the felt mouse but it is in the same idea

~ by Meg on December 23, 2011.

8 Responses to “Hummingbird Felt Ornament”

  1. Do u have pattern of this hummingbird?

  2. […] I love the nail beak on this Hummingbird Felt Ornament from Mostly Photos. […]

  3. I love this! Using a nail for the beak – genius!

  4. Pretty darn cool….I think you succeeded…next year, bats!

    • Thank you. So glad you enjoyed them. I don’t know if I want bats on my Christmas tree… OK well maybe a few if I do a ‘nature tree’ :)

  5. One day I hope to make one!

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