Pretty Bird

Here she is. She has been hanging around quite a bit lately.

I think our resident male is getting used to her, he no longer chases her off.

Maybe we will see some baby hummingbirds this spring… if we are lucky.

Though he is going nuts chasing off all the males the cool weather has brought in lately.


~ by Meg on December 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Pretty Bird”

  1. Is this a favourite bush for them to perch in? I am wondering how you manage to figure out where to catch a picture of them as it seems pretty much impossible except when they are sitting, which is never for very long. I especially like the second photo – you are being scrutinised quite carefully from the look of it.

    • Yes, it is. It is a palo verde tree that sits just outside the yard. It seems to be a perfect vantage point for our resident hummingbird to watch all the feeders so he can chase all the other hummingbirds away. Most times I can find him sitting in that tree guarding the yard, but lately he has let a female share his tree. I am hoping they nest and we will get to see some young hummingbirds this spring. Cross your fingers. :)

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