Suggestions… Pumpkin carving contest

Ok kids, I have a pristine pumpkin here just begging for a face.
This dear sweet pumpkin is just aching to become a Jack-o-lantern.
So if you feel game, feel like having a little fun please submit your suggestions in a comment.

You can describe your face (meaning the face you suggest for the pumpkin, not your actual face, oh heck you can describe your actual face if you like),
or paste an image of a pumpkin face,
or a link you a pumpkin face you like on the net,
or do a drawing and send a link,
or a link to your page where you have posted your amazing pumpkin face.

Keep in mind there are no winners or losers here, just hoping to have a little fun.
If you don’t feel like commenting a pumpkin face, that is fine too… just think about one. :)

~ by Meg on October 29, 2011.

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