Invaders…. AKA javelina

Yesterday morning Willy the dog started going nuts, he was running around huffing and puffing, half barking, running around the backyard, then into the house, they out back again. This can only mean one thing… Willy smells pigs or more accurately javelina. This pack of javelina had been around for the last few years and it is getting bigger and bigger each year. It started with 2 pigs then 3 and now they are up to 8 adults and two tiny babies.

Here is Willy the dog barking his head off at the javelina. Willy really does not like these invaders one bit. The javelina only hung around for a few minutes, sniffing around, looking for a hand out. We don’t give the javelina hand outs. We don’t really want them around but they break through the wire fence and use our yard as a passage way to where ever it is they are going.

They always seem to cross from west to east, how they get in and out of the front yard is beyond me. They seem to always find a way through the wire fence. Our back yard is walled in with bricks and they can’t get in there, thank goodness. Where they go from here is anyone’s guess. They will probably come back by in a week or two and Willy will be there to bark like crazy through the window.

~ by Meg on October 23, 2011.

2 Responses to “Invaders…. AKA javelina”

  1. Filthy pigs.

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