Lesser Long Nosed Bats on Hummingbird Feeder Oct 6, 2011

Bat photos from last night.

They drained 2 hummingbird feeders but the third one still has about a cup of sugar water in it.

They are amazing to watch. Now they are showing up shortly after 7 pm. Last night was pretty chilly here. The bats were very active while I watched them from 7 to around 8 pm.

Often times two or three bats will drink from the feeder at the same time. Of course when that happens it always seems I have to wait for my flash to recharge so I miss getting a photo of them.

And in the morning, the hummingbirds arrive, wondering what happened to all their food.:) Well hummingbirds it won’t be long before the bats migrate south and the feeders are full 24/7

More beautiful bats

Links to see Bat Nights with USFW



~ by Meg on October 7, 2011.

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