Even More Amazing Bats

These photos are part of a serious taken September 5, 2011. Above you can see this little bats long tongue sticking out. The bats are very acrobatic in flight.

All the photos are taken with my canon digital rebel xti. I set up the camera and manually focus on the feeder. The bats are far too fast to focus on, by the time you see them approach the feeder all you have time to do is hit the shutter button.

My camera settings this evening were: focal length 21mm, IOS 400, F 7.1, shutter speed 1/125 and of course the flash on.

I have my best luck catching cool shots by watching the bats start up to the feeder and hitting the shutter button as they approach. If you wait until the bats are on the feeder to take a photo, by the time the shutter and flash go off, many times the bats are already gone and you are left with a wonderful photo of an empty feeder.

This year has been wonderful for taking photos of the bats, since there are so many bats out there at the feeders. There is pretty much a constant stream of bats. It is very cool to watch.

I love watching the lesser long nosed bats at my hummingbird feeders. The bats are showing up around 7:30 P.M. now. They are still draining all the feeders each night. I have now 4 feeders (I know that is nuts) I make 12 cups (3000 ml) of nectar each night for them. The nectar is made of 1 part sugar 4 parts water – the same as you would make for hummingbirds.

I read somewhere that some nectar bats can consume 1.5 times their body weight in nectar per night. These bats weight between 20 – 30 grams. A milliliter of plain water weighs 1 gram (I have no idea what a ml of sugar water weighs) so if you do the math and If these lesser long nosed bats eat that much, each bat could drink 30 to 40 ml of nectar, if they were not eating anything else, so that would come up to about 75-100 bats visiting my feeders per night.

~ by Meg on September 18, 2011.

3 Responses to “Even More Amazing Bats”

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  2. Wow, now I have an even better reason to put up hummingbird feeders! :) Wonderful photos. Bats are so beautiful and athletic.

    • Thank you, so glad you enjoyed them. This is a great year for watching nectar bats, there are more bats at my feeders this year than there have been in the past. They are amazing to watch.

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