Guess What This Is 9/8/11

Normally on Wednesdays, I post a close up photo at the top of my post of something I have seen lately and ask people to guess what it is. The following week, I post the answer at the bottom of the page and a new photo to guess on at the top of the page.

The idea is of ‘Guess what this is’, is to see things in a new way and maybe have some fun. It is amazing to see all the creative and funny guesses that go way beyond correct. My favorite thing is to read all the wonderful guesses.

So if you would like to play take a look at the photo at the top of the page and make a guess on what you think it is. Please share you guess or a creative or funny comment. Come back next week on to see the answer and a new photo to guess on. There are no prizes :) just fun.

Here is this weeks photo… Guess what this is!

The answer to last weeks post is

jalapenos (these are from my garden)


~ by Meg on September 8, 2011.

3 Responses to “Guess What This Is 9/8/11”

  1. Rattlesnake skin!

  2. Interesting project and great photos! I wished I knew what sp. our tiny desert guys are. Years ago they had a nursery in our fire place, the little ones were the size of my thumb nail. Be careful though: a friend of mine is just undergoing a series of rabies shots because of a bat bite.

    • Thanks, I don’t touch them. Statistically less than 1 percent of bats have rabies, the thing with bats is only the sick ones are down on the ground where you can touch them. You have a better chance of getting rabies from a racoons according to the CDC The real concern is if someone is bitten by a raccoon they know it, if they are bitten by a bat they may not realize it as bats teeth are so tiny and razor sharp, one may not pay attention to the bite. Any time someone is bitten by an animal they need to seek medical attention. If the authorities can’t find the animal, for safety sake rabies treatment is necessary. My theory is leave wild animals alone, they are wonderful to watch, but do NOT touch. :) Thanks for stopping in and for your comment.
      PS if you have photos of your tiny bats what I would do is send the photos to your local game and fish or to USFW might be able to identify them for you. They may also be interested in coming out to see them depending on the species. If they do identify them, I would love to know what they are.

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