Lesser long nosed bats on red feeder

I have two hummingbird feeders out in the front of my house, one is the pretty one that most of my photos are taken at. Here is the second one. Last night August 26, 2011 around 10 PM there was some amazing action at this feeder.

To take these shots I was inside, taking photos through the window. Holding my rebel in my hand and shading the lens from flash flare off the window glass. I am using the same standard 18/55 mm canon lens.

As we are watching the bats we notice that they are using their feet to grab onto the rim of the feeder. In this photo you can see the bat in the front is actually laying on the feeder, his wings are folded in.

I plan to try to get more shots this evening. I am thinking of setting up the tripod at the window or I may get brave and set it up outside. Last night I did sit out on the porch where this feeder is set up for 5 or 10 minutes. When I first went out the bats scattered, none came for a minute or two, then a few brave bats showed up. It wasn’t long until they were back feeding. I am always surprised at how loud these lesser long nosed bats wing sound is. They seem to really enjoy swooping into the porch and swirling around the whole thing before they move on. It is quite a thing to see/hear.

~ by Meg on August 27, 2011.

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