Fish Eating Hornworms

As you know from a previous post we found hornworms on our tomato plants. Here is one of the ugly little guys now.

Ok he/she is not so little. I had heard hornworms were good fish bate. We have a pond with koi, goldfish and mosquito fish.

Though this hormworm is pretty big, we figured we would give it a shot. The fish had eaten smaller worms and we wondered what they would do with this monster. Hornworm is still attached to the tomato leaf since he wouldn’t let go if it. Tomato leaf and hornworm go in for a swim with the fishes.

You probably can’t see this by the photo but hornworm with its tomato leaf friend are under the water lily leaf. The fish are very interested.

This big goldfish takes hornworm that is still clinging to the tomato leaf down into the water. And that is the last we saw of hornworm. I am sure more hornworms will show up on the tomato, which means more hornworms will show up in the pond. Though the hornworms don’t like to go swimming, the fish just love it when they do.

~ by Meg on July 23, 2011.

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