The Apple Store

Recently I had a bit of a problem with my 2007 macbook’s keyboard. I had let the grandkids play with the computer and well, you know how grandkids can be…. but seriously, when I started up the computer everything was fine until I tried to type the word “hummingbird” each time I got to the ‘n’ a new window opened. :) I also noticed that the command key on the left of the space bar brought up a new window but the command key on the right of the space bar with firefox open enlarged the items in the window. At first I thought they changed the key commands or did something with the Universal access, but I checked those and nope… so I called the Apple store, the person who answered the phone was great, gave me the option of talking to the tech support or making an appointment to come in. I told them I would call back after I looked around a bit more. Well, I could not figure out what was wrong so I called back. They let me pick the time for the appointment. I picked 12:45 because that gave me enough time to take a shower, get dressed and drive to the store. Now I have not been to the Apple store in years and I was so amazed it was filled with people learning their computers at tables. I was amazed at how many older people were there and the whole table if ipad users had to be over 60, very cool to see. They also had tables set up especially for children, that was cool to see too.

We had gotten there early so we had to wait a few minutes, but someone checked us in and at our appointment time Mike M. looked up at me and said… are you Meg? Yes I was, so I told him the story of the grandkids playing and that the ‘N’ and ‘command’ keys were acting odd. He ran the computer through a few test and told me the problem was the keyboard. Well I got my computer in 2007 so any warranty was way since over but for some reason Apple replaced the keyboard at no charge. WOW! The estimated time of repair was 3 to 5 days but I got a call the very same evening at 5:30, the computer was done! Now had I lived closer to the Apple store I would have popped down there and picked it up but I didn’t so I picked it up after work today. And it works great, N key as well as both command keys.. and all the other keys too. :) Not to mention that it was not only the keyboard that was replaced but the whole top of the computer plus the part that surrounds the monitor. It looks and acts like a brand new computer. And as you can see from this post I can type ‘n’ with no problem at all. Thanks Apple and Mike M. You both ROCK!

Here is my pretty new keyboard … wow!

And a super close up of the E key, that I had pretty much worn off my old keyboard.
Again, Thanks Apple and Mike M. and especially Mike M. you were not only professional but nice and personably, you are an asset to the Apple store and a great spokesperson for Apple.

~ by Meg on February 7, 2011.

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