Felt Mouse Ornament

Felt Mouse Ornament

All the pieces you are going to need to make the felt mouse ornament.

Take the large piece that was in the center of the photo, fold it in half and stitch from the center back to the ‘nose’

Piece at the left will be the mouse’s belly and neck. (note the pointed part alines with ‘nose’)

Stitch up one side of the neck/belly piece inserting the tail where a tail would go as you stitch. This mouse was stuffed with 3 cotton balls but I have used tissue in the past. Once you get mouse stuffed sew up the other side so his innered don’t fall out.

Ear piece, you can stitch it together to make it a little 3-d if you like or just sew the ears on flat.

Stitch on arms and legs.

Cut out the little jacket and cut holes for arms, insert mouse arms in holes fold down collar and stitch or glue coat shut.

An outline of all the pieces.. have fun. :)

~ by Meg on December 11, 2010.

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  1. […] unlikely event that you should want to make your own, you can find the pattern it was adapted from here. The head is stuffed with kapok and the body cavity is stiffened with funky foam. LikeBe the […]

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