img 3569moon

Here is my photo of the moon through a telescope… I held my little canon 990 near the eye piece set it to “night shot” and got this…. not bad for someone that has no idea what they are doing and no way to mount the camera. It does look as if the moon is a half cookie, the shadow edge goes to black too quickly to tell it is a shadow. But you can see the craters.

I set my little digital on the macro setting (looks like a little flower) and the night shot (looks like people with a star behind them) then just put the camera lens up near the telescope lens and held if with two fingers, made sure the moon showed up on the screen and snapped the shot. The flash goes off but not into the lens so it doesn’t matter. Trying to turn off the flash made the shutter stay open to long and ended up with a blur.


~ by Meg on October 27, 2009.

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