Willy, young and now.

Here is Willy when we first got him… a little hairy but not too hairy….
No long hair on the back of his legs. His tail hair is a little long but nothing to write home about. He is also mostly reddish brown except for his tail.

Here is Willy today. Look at all the hair on this guy! The hair at the base of his tail is about six inches long. He does look pretty with all his long hair but very different than the young Willy. He has also developed a black patch on each side of his body.

Now we are wondering… what if his hair keeps growing??? :) I think it is pretty much as long as it is going to get, or at least I hope so.

Willy is not fond of being brushed, which is not a good idea with all this hair. He used to go crazy and bark at the brush. Most brushes do nothing to remove any shed hair. I found a cat brush that does work and with the addition of treats he will kind of stay still long enough to brush his front half. The hair that ends up in the brush is so soft, I think it could be used to make yarn. :)


~ by Meg on June 13, 2009.

One Response to “Willy, young and now.”

  1. WOW, how hair changes. Who would have thought when looking at the puppy he would end up with such long hair. Beautiful dog.

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