Willy Finds a Lizard

The other day Willy the dog caught a lizard. I went into the house to get my camera to take a photo of him with his prized catch. When I came back out seems Willy let the lizard go…. here is the lizard’s tail sticking out of the down spout. We could here poor lizard trying to run up the down spout but it was way too slippery.

Here is Willy wishing the lizard would come out and play. As you can see Willy is INSIDE the fence. We put the fence up to keep Willy out of the flowers but he can walk right through the fence.:) He stays out of the flowers most of the time but when something as exciting as a lizard comes up… he just has to walk through the fence and go after it.

Willy coaxes the lizard out.

The lizard eventually runs out from the down spout and behind a big wooden thing with a flowerpot on top.. Willy goes looking for the lizard.

Not sure if you can see this but there is the lizard in the middle of the photo between the house wall and the wooden thing. Poor lizard does NOT want to play.

This last photo is Willy patiently waiting for Mr. Lizard to come out and play. Willy does not eat the lizards, just chases them and sometimes catches them, then lets them go to chase again. Silly Willy. :)


~ by Meg on June 13, 2009.

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