Please Don’t Eat My Fish

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I noticed a flash of white out the window and looked out to see this bright visitor eyeing the koi pond.

Of course my first instinct was to scare him/her away, but I decided to grab the camera first. It is either a white heron or some kind of egret. Whatever it is… it looks hungry.

He didn’t leave quickly but finally decided I wasn’t about to let him make an early lunch of my three remaining koi fish.

Off he went, He was huge!

Look at that wing span.



Morning Visitor

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The Watering Hole

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A Few Minutes at the Water Hole

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Unwelcome Visitor

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I opened the front door the other day to startle this javelina AKA peccary I am not sure who was more surprised.

Willy in the Snow

•January 20, 2017 • Leave a Comment

There are times when you mean to get something done but something always comes up that gets in the way. We have been planning to take Willy the dog somewhere to play in the snow since we saw an Icelandic Sheepdog that looks so very much like Willy. Living in the desert we don’t often get snow and when we do it is usually just a small dusting. Well we finally took a trip to the mountains after a snow storm and guess what… Willy LOVES snow.

He was so alert smelling everything and how I wish I could have let him off the leash, we were not in a location that allowed free running dogs.

Still he had a wonderful time. He had a much easier time running in the snow than I did.

I think he could have stayed out there in the snow all day. It is as if he was built for snow.

We had such a good time. I hope we get a chance to play in the snow again and next time…. bring a longer leash. : )

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