Guess what this is July 4, 2015

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Every so often I post close up photo of something I have seen lately. I put that photo at the top of my post, I post the full photo of the last close up at the bottom of the post. Here is this weeks photo… Guess what this is!

The answer to the last post is…

Grill on on old car

You know you sometimes if you look at things to closely it is really hard to figure out what they are, but then again if you only look at things from a distance, you can miss the important and interesting details. It is also often easy to get swayed by what someone else thinks/guesses.

I have been categorizing these post under “Guess what this is” on


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This wisteria is amazing. It has been blooming off and on since spring.

The blooms are not as showy as they were in the see: spring

But they are beautiful just the same.

Nice to See You Baby

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Finally! Look what I saw out the front window. Yep babies, and I think they are all still there.

It is hard to count them since they don’t all stay together and they blend in so well with the ground.

These photos were taken through the window because I knew the second I opened up the front door the quail would take off.

You’re only a Shell

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“When arguing with a stone an egg is always wrong”- African Proverb

The Gambel’s quail eggs have hatched, well all but one. 17 of the 18 eggs hatched. I have not seen the babies yet. I had expected to see them around the yard but there is no sign of them.


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My Passion

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I was walking through the garden center and saw they had passion flower vines. I love these, though I wanted a blue one, I could not resist this one due to the name Passiflora Lady Margaret is a hybrid, created by crossing P. coccinea and P. incarnata.

More about passion flowers

To Bee or Not to Bee

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My last post was about holes being cut into my wisteria plant. It turned out that leaf-cutter bees were using my wisteria as nesting material. Guess where one of them is nesting…

That’s right, one of my wind chimes. I watched her for a while, going into the bottom of each chime, stuffing something in there and then flying off.

I am not sure quite what to do. The chime is up under the porch and I am not sure I want any bees on my porch but from what I read leaf-cutter bees are pretty harmless. They live alone, no big hive.

The leafcutter bee is a productive pollinator for summer gardens. The female carries pollen on the underside of her hairy abdomen, and then scrapes the pollen off within her nesting hole. Because the pollen is carried dry on her hair, it falls off easily as she moves among blossoms. Unlike the honey bee, who wets the pollen so it sticks to the legs during transport to the hive.

To learn more about leaf cutter bees see


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