Water Lilies

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Sharing a live cam link

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Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

cool osprey live cam

Say Cheese

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The Ol’ Watering Hole

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Guess what this is June 25, 2014

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Every so often I post close up photo of something I have seen lately. I put that photo at the top of my post, I post the full photo of the last close up at the bottom of the post. Here is this weeks photo… Guess what this is!

The answer to the last post is…


You know you sometimes if you look at things to closely it is really hard to figure out what they are, but then again if you only look at things from a distance, you can miss the important and interesting details. It is also often easy to get swayed by what someone else thinks/guesses.

I have been categorizing these post under “Guess what this is” on mostlyphotos.wordpress.com

In the Shadows

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In the Middle

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